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Full Version: URGENT--two of my supermoderators have lost their draft posts
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They both apparently saved a draft and now they cannot see that draft post.

Which table are these draft posts stored in? These draft posts should be "alive" somewhere, right? least in the phpmyadmin tables? If so, where?

Front side: Is there anything I can do as admin on the front side? Can I see draft posts? Can I retrieve and move them?

Lastly, is there any known bug with draft postings? I remember saving a draft and it worked, but not so well for the others.

draft posts are saved in the posts table with visible column value -2

More questions: What is -1 in the visible column?

There was only 1 instance of (-2). What happened to the other one....did it just not "take?" Any other options for me rather than phpmyadmin?
User CP -> Saved Drafts

-1 is soft deleted, 0 unapproved.

(2014-10-05, 01:16 PM)ndc Wrote: [ -> ]What happened to the other one....

He may not saved it completely.
Is there anything in the front side or in the admin panel that I can for draft posts? Can I see them anywhere other than in phpmyadmin? Thanks
^ I do not recall any such facility ..
you can login as the user (plugin for MyBB 1.6.x - should work on 1.8) and check the drafted posts through user control panel
Awesome! Thank you!!
just now seen this => AutoSave Draft plugin (might be helpful)