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Full Version: PM contains only quote
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There is one user at my forum that only send quote from what I have typed in private messenger (perhaps this is a problem for more at the forum, but not all, some user can type own answer, and send).

So the user types in a replay to my PM, and send it, and I can only read my own quote.
Some ide' how to fix this?

Have tested with a test account, and all works fine... But that one user (hope that's the only one)......and of course one of the most active user ...
Mind if you give a temp user acc to check?
It does work with other who try to contact me true pm, but not with the one.....
Perhaps there is more, but I can't ask all to send me a pm he he.

To be clear. when I write to that user, he can read, and he does reply/answer to me, but I can't see that he have typed in anything, just reading my own quote.

Like this:
Hei username.
here some info to the user....

I could not see your answer, can you please try to replay on this message again.



(here I guess the answer should appear,,,but it did not)

if the user's browser is IE 11 then ask him to try using another browser & check if the issue resolves
I'll ask him .m.
Give answer as soon as I get one.

The user was using IE-11, when using chrome the message where successful.

Have tested with a test account using IE-11, and found no problem, this one seems to be an issue for at least this user.

Hope someone can help
I actually had the same thing just happen, but put it down to the user just making a mistake when PMing me... This is definitely not a one-off issue, I figure this is the case for everyone.
Well it is not more difficult sending pm with IE then chrome, and with chrome he can send...
This is spreading into posts, too. I've had several members just quote a post with none of their content displaying. This is a pretty huge issue...
Ok thanks.

I'm not good in php,,, but I have one q about the private.php, is there any difference is sid stands in a (sid) or a [sid]

	$multipage = multipage($pmscount['total'], $perpage, $page, "private.php?action=results&sid=".htmlspecialchars_uni($mybb->get_input('sid'))."&sortby={$sortby}&order={$order}");