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Full Version: None of my site / forum descriptions are showing in search results
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Hi all,

First posting.

I have just installed my new forum and on checking my meta tag descriptions none of the site descriptions are showing up for either the site / any of my site forums or any threads posted.

On checking all my descriptions seem to say the same
"Current time: Fri-10-2014, 05:58 AM Hello There, Guest! ( Login Register ) Welcome to the lounge - come and say "hi" Threaded Mode | Linear Mode (This post was ..."

Any thoughts please ?


Jason Sad
You should have installed first meta discription plugin or google seo in your site.

Guide here
Thanks for the info I have uploaded the meta description plugin and all works fine for my forum home page, but on any of the forums themselves or postings there is no description still


Jason Confused
It can take time for changes in meta tags to be updated on search engines.