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Full Version: Add a latest threads sidebar on index!
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[font=Arial]I really want to add a latest threads sidebar to my community forums (powered by MyBB 1.8.0) but I see there aren't any plugins to do that atm! Is there any way to do that? I wanna get the same result as for mybb 1.6.x plugin Recent Threads Forum Sidebar - I already tested that plugin and it works but there are few bugs like it doesn't show the forum the thread was posted in - Can anyone make at least the right modifications to the plugin to make it work properly? 

I also would really like to see the sidebar as collapsable and exapandable as a category or the chat. Can anyone really help me solve this all?/font]
I created a Recent Threads on Index Plugin. It creates two templates and you control where they go on the index. You can try modifying templates so they are in a side box if you don't want them displayed below the forums.
I had a great idea. How can I create a sidebar on index only where I put the same shortcut to recall the Latest Threads Sidebar on the portal.php page? It would help me so much!
Learn CSS. Specifically positioning properties and float property.