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Full Version: Additional User Groups Meaningless?
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I have group A and group B. Group A can see most things, and group B can see other things. Some people I want be able to see both Group A and Group B stuff.

Now we have user Chris. I setup Chris with Group A as main group, but I also give him Group B as "additional groups," shouldn't Chris be able to see the Group B forum?

Is "additional groups" working? and if so, what permissions does it default to? Shouldn't it use the higher permissions of the two groups at all times, no matter where I go?

Please advise, thanks.
Thanks for the link, but they apparently fixed and closed it. What do I do to fix it? Was there a link or script there that I somehow missed? Thank you.
Just apply these changes: manually (red = removed, green = added, file = inc/functions.php) or wait till 1.8.1 is released. I haven't tested them but they should fix the issue. Let us know if they worked for you.
I was banging my head against the wall of this same problem. I found this thread, applied the above fix, and whammo! Fixed. Thank you very, very much.