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Full Version: add custom sidebar?
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Hello! I want to know that is there any plugin which supports custom sidebar for MyBB 1.8? Because I want to add images and links in the right side of my forum. If it is possible, then please tell me how it will be done?
Thanks in advance
I don't know if there is any plugin or not, but I know there is a simple JavaScript solution for this which I also use (since firefox or ie don't support custom scrollbars via css) And here is the link I can recommend;
i checked it but it is not suitable for me
There is really two methods you can use to do this. You can either do a table layout which is probably the easier way. The alternative is to use the Float property and use a div around the forums part and after that a div around whatever content you wish to display on the right hand side.
I used this tutorial for my 1.8 site to show our servers in sidebar.

Can see how it looks here: