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Full Version: Administrator logs
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Is it possible to delete the Administrator logs in Admin CP ?

Thx for a answer!
Yes. The superadmin or any admin that has the Can Manage Administrator Log permission can. You have to go to the Admin Log first under the Tools header. There is some text that says Prune Administrator Logs click that.
re dragonexpert,
I had already tested.
when i click on Prune Administrator Logs, the last logs are always to see?

[Image: o8c9ys.png]

I thought they were completely gone  Huh

It will only prune logs up to 24 hours ago, anything after that will remain in the Admin logs, including the details that you have just pruned the logs.
ok! thx miketiger

If you don't want other admins to see that you pruned the logs, you could always go into the database and delete that row.
I would just like to remove the contents of the last weeks  Wink

We had many problems and it had a lot to be adjusted. I have stayed here a lot of help and support to get ( they will recognize  Big Grin  ) .
It's just that really 98 % of all logs are my work .
It is not my intention that you do not want to see what an admin has made . So it is more of a "cosmetic" problem for me . I would like to have started at page one , you understand ?

[Image: 70gttx.jpg]


My problem is solved.

Prune Administrator Logs:
Date range:
Older than 1  days

Now I understand the set of miketiger "It will only prune logs up to 24 hours ago"