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Full Version: Help me change my host.
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Hi guys,
I have recently installed mybb on my host (free host) but it is not working properly and website has no remains.
I have FTP Access and It works properly.

I have downloaded backup of my files. But now the problem is how should i download my database as website is down And I dont know to backup it manually .

Please help .
You will need to have access to the MySql database, you can usally get access to it from 'phpMyadmin' on the hosting company's control panel.

You will need to export the whole database as a zip file and download it to your pc.
Okay thanks I am gonna download this VIA phpmyadmin and can u tell me another free WEB host ? good one ?
I have a couple of other websites on * * although I am sure there are plenty of other good providers.... a google search usually turns up something.

Most have some restrictions. the one I use has to have a reasonable amount of traffic visit the site, or it gets marked for removal, not a problem if you expect a few visitors. Pretty reasonable request, considering you're getting the hosting for free.
Free hosts are not really that good for the most part. Many of them overcrowd their servers and uptime can be spotty. I have heard good things about Icyboards though. You could check them out.
I would look for payed hosting.

But if you don't want to pay much, try something like it's real cheap and still with support.
I have a couple of sites there, and can't say that I am more satisfied bye hostgator or others that I use (if you think about uptime, support and so on)
HelioHost is a good free webhost, neq3 isn't too bad either.