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Full Version: Translation PM menu
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I'm still working on the translation of MyBB 1.8 to the dutch language.
I want to translate the PM-menu but cannot find the proper lang-file to do so Blush 

[Image: 1seiap.jpg]

Any suggestions where to find the wright language-file?

Thanks again!
Hi, go to Configuration -> Languages- > Click Options and select Edit Language Variables
then choose -> global.lang.php

and about 3/4 down down the page, toward the bottom, you will find what you are looking for, cheers!
Thanks Michael but I found them allready some time ago and translatede them in dutch.
But the names of the folders are still written in English.


So there must be another lang-file where these words are also mentioned.
Any ideas where?
those folder names are not from language files. they can be edited manually at user control panel (Edit Folders)
(at present can't check if there is any other method to translate those folder names)