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Full Version: Only one person can't reply to PMs
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I don't have problems sending or replying to emails, but one other person is having problems. Specifically, she receives a PM, and then tries to respond. She types into the window some text and then presses send. The person who receives the reply from her only sees the quoted text, and all the next text has been deleted. Okay, just so I'm clear, we have person A and person B. Person B equates to the aforementioned problem...

Person A sends a PM to person B the following message: "you suck."

Person B hits reply and has the quote "you suck" in the text box. Person B adds to the text this: "you don't know what you're talking about." Person B then hits send.

Person A receives the PM reply and it says, "you suck." Everything that Person B added has been deleted.

Furthermore, when Person B deselects signature on the PM, the PM still sends the signature.

Any fixes to these problems?
if user's web browser is IE 11 then a different browser needs to be used until the issue gets fixed