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Full Version: How to Make a Private MyBB Forum?
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I'm looking to start a MyBB forum and it needs to be completely private. Everyone will need to be manually approved for membership and the forum can't be indexed in search engines. I'm trying to transition an email group to this forum.

I see Yaldaram has this post on making a private permission based forum.

How would I add a sign-up webform to fill out so it gets sent to me for review? Also what's the best way to make sure search crawlers are not indexing pages in MyBB? Change the .htaccess or the robots.txt file?
You could just have the Registration Method as "Administrator Activation" and add custom profile fields and make them be required to fill out on registration. You can then change the permissions of the Awaiting Activation group, so they would still see nothing until you activated their account.

As for the non-indexable in search engines, I'm not quite sure.
(10-19-2014, 05:57 PM)slickforum Wrote: [ -> ]Change the .htaccess or the robots.txt file?

robots.txt - disallow everything
Also, you can block them manually in .htaccess.
Would the frontpage default to having a login field if I did that?
Mhm, you could also add a plugin that requires them to login/register before being able to see anything. I saw one in the Mods section the other day.
Do you know what the Mod is called Jamie?
You don't need a mod.. ACP -> Configuration -> Login and Registration Options -> Force Users to Login
Thanks Destroy666!

What about adding a webform to fill out details of why they person wants to join?
Create a custom profile field, text area, make it required, viewable by Admins only.
If if I "Force Users to Login" will that automatically hide all the posts?
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