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Full Version: Missing Post Icons 1.8
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My live forum has no post icons available in the message editor, even though I can see them in the Admin control panel. I made no modification to hide them. Also, if I ask MyBB to create a new theme, and check it without making changes, I see no post icons there either. It is possible I did something to a previous theme or template to hide icons, but my current theme is not based on a previous theme or templates. It was created new in 1.8.

I also have a 1.8 development forum where I am modifying my current theme. This forum was not upgraded. It was installed fresh using Softaculous. The post icons are visible in the editor there. And, if I tell MyBB to create a new theme there, it shows post icons too.

After noticing this difference I copied and installed all plugins and mods from my live site onto my dev site, to see if one of them is a problem. My dev sites still shows icons as it should.

Suggestions please.

I just used a file comparison utility to compare the dev installation to the live installation. All the files are the same, with the exception of some orphan files on the live forum, which I assume are from previous versions of MyBB.

I'm no expert, but wouldn't that mean it's a setting or something in the database. Where should I look? I checked what I thought was the right template and it's unmodified, but maybe I was looking at the wrong one.
The problem went away when I upgraded, even though I saw no mention of this being a bug.