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Is there a way to have a mobile site/version for my MyBB Forum?
There are a few yes.

For 1.6, apparently being updated soon to 1.8.

A theme for mobile users.

(requires users to pay for added features)

and then there is the archive mode, where they can easily browse but not post.
Hi there

Is there a way to make the default 1.8 theme responsive
Do you know if Go Mobile is usable on 1.8
It works if you edit the version numbers. Here are instructions.
(2014-11-05, 01:54 AM)aaronnz Wrote: [ -> ]Hi there

Is there a way to make the default 1.8 theme responsive

MyBB 1.8's theme relies very heavily on tables, making responsive designs significantly more difficult to implement. Responsive themes are generally div based layouts as opposed to table layouts, so in order to make a theme responsive, a designer would have to recode a good percentage of the templates. Needless to say, that's not at all a simple process. Toungue
Sometimes think it's easier to just use phpBB 3.1 but already have one site on phpbb so think i should be supporting mybb too with a forum.
^ this theme is supposed to be a better responsive theme for MyBB 1.8.x
The icons they use in that theme do not display on mobile platforms.
If I was to use Go Mobile does the current 1.6 version support ALL the changes that 1.8 had on it? Like avatar changes etc.