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Full Version: 2 forums on the same website/host
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I would like to have two identical forums on my website: one in Chinese, and one in English. I figured out how to install the Chinese language pack. How do I make two forums? Do I have to re-install MyBB, or is there a way to simply make a second forum? Forgive my beginner questions. Thank you!
if you have good quality web hosting and if you can use multiple databases then you can install two separate forums.
installing two forums on single database is also possible by using different prefixes but I'd not recommend this method.

however interested users have to register in both forums and login separately in the required forum.

I'd suggest to use a single forum for both the languages and use tabbed based navigation to separate the sections.
Ok thank you. What do you mean exactly by a tab-based navigation? How could I do that? That sounds like the ideal solution.

Sorry, I do not mean to nag, but does anyone have an idea as to how I could accomplish this tabbed navigation with two languages? Thank you.
basically it is like this => there can be two links at the top of forum index page - English & Chinese

forum categories need to be arranged in such a way that when users click on English its sections should be
shown and when they click on Chinese its sections are to be shown.

though below guides are for MyBB 1.6.x version, these should give an idea
tabbed forum with jQuery | another tabbed forum (with cookies) guidance
Note: MyBB 1.8 includes jQuery script. there is no need to add minified jQuery script if you try above methods
Thank you m!

Ok, I managed to set up two forums, and the user can choose to click on the Chinese one or the English one. How now do I set it so that only the Chinese forum displays in Chinese?
I have scoured the internet, and I am not sure there is a soluti0on for this in 1.8. I may have to just have two separate installations, although that seems like a bad solution.