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Full Version: Change Font Color (reputation)
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As you can see in the default theme the text is black and easy to read:

[Image: 3046268ade3eb85152410b6e7b552777.png]

Now when I got to the other theme 'carbon' its pink and I can't see it:

[Image: aa0ecd4c8139db988ddcb115d708fef9.png]

What template file can I edit the text color in? I have been stuck for hours comparing default template files to the carbon ones and I can't find it. I know its so simple to change but I just don't know what file I am supposed to edit. +100 invisible mjay1989 rep points to any user who can tell me what file I need to edit or direct me to what I need to edit. Thank you!

Edit: similar problem when I delete a post. I need to highlight the text to be able to read it, how can I change the text color OR the background color on deleted posts:

[Image: 76c24e2b781a6715f7cfbcbc480e241b.png]

Again, huge thank you to who ever helps me through this frustrating problem! lol
Maybe the container css element.
Add this to your global.css theme file and change the color

.trow_reputation_positive a:link,
.trow_reputation_positive a:visited,
.trow_reputation_positive a:hover,
.trow_reputation_positive a:active {
color: #000;
Thank you for the replies! iAndrew, I didn't do exactly as you said but I did change something in the global.css and it works perfectly now. I just changed the background color to a dark colour because it works well with the theme I use.

Thanks again for the replies.