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Full Version: [dark1.8] Replacing Font Awesome icons with custom images
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I'm modifying DevilKing's Dark1.8 theme for my own board (Link, nothing illegal here Wink ), and I want to replace two of the Font Awesome forum icons (what would have been on.png and off.png in 1.6 specifically, the other two can stay), however I can't find anything in the CSS that points to where these two icons would be changed, and as you can see by the on icon, attempting to edit .forum_on in global.css just turns the icon white. The icons I want to place there can be found here and here.

I know I should make a sprite sheet for these, but that implies the FA icons had been replaced already, which they haven't, as you can see. This leads to the obvious question of how to replace them. Toungue
You should be able to use this code:

.forum_on {
    background: url( no-repeat center center;

.forum_off {
    background: url( no-repeat center center;

.forum_on i, .forum_off i {
    display: none;

Try adding those to the bottom of your CSS file, I believe it should work.
That did it, thanks Eric!