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Full Version: Category is shifted to left? How do I fix this?
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My category "Lounge" and all of its boards seem to be shifted to the left.  How do I fix this?
Can you please post a link to the category,or take a screenshot, I'm looking at your site and I don't see
"lounge"or the issue.

Hi, I also noticed that you are using your portal as the homepage,
this link will tell you how to redirect the logo to the portal page
Thank you for responding.

Here is a screenshot of what I'm trying to resolve:

[Image: ScreenShot2014-10-22at104935AM_zps8aefbff1.png]
The funny thing is, I checked in 4 different browsers including:

Chrome, Firefox, Ie9 and android.
I use windows 8 and there is no issue,
so most likely it is your mac browser, check on another computer and you probably wont see the issue.

but I think you can fix it for your mac browser by doing the following.

open your global.css advanced editor and look for .backtrow
add in
   width: 100% !important;

this is the css rule that controls your theme's cat section width.

please let me know if this works!

*I updated the css rule, the above instructions are correct now
*I had to correct a type error,it should be 100% and not %100