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Full Version: (Resolved) - Turning portal into the homepage
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Hi guys

when I started my site, the domain goes to the /index.php page but now I turned the portal page into the homepage, so

1. I redirected the logo to the portal page

2. I used my cpanel and redirected the domain to the portal page.

3. now the /index.php is just the "Forum" tab.

so now when I type in my dot com name, I go to the portal page as expected, due to the redirect.
and when I click the "Forum" tab, I go to the /index.php page.

So my question is, is there another way to accomplish turning the portal into the homepage and having the /index.php just the "Forum" and not the actual homepage or is what I've done okay?

Everything is working fine but I'm not sure if it is the best solution.

What do you think?

I wanted to update this thread with the correct solution,
and here is the solution: