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Full Version: Activation mail issue
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Hi, I got informed by lots of new members that, they never recieved activation mail. Both inbox and spam folders checked. Could anyone help?

Check if you have any error messages at admin panel --> tools & maintenance --> system mail log
Try sending a mail to yourself using mass mail feature and see if it is working or not.

Else it might be misconfiguration in your server.
there is no errors and mosts gets the email on spam some dont get them at all.
If anyone is getting the mail that means your system is working fine.

Landing the mail in spam folder is a common issue as the PHP generated mail contains html tags or site links that makes the mail to look like a spam and another possibility is the receipient's mail server setup conforms to DomainKeys, DKIM, SPF and other anti-spam methods. In that case you can only ask them individually to whitelist your domain's mail by clicking "Not Spam". this is what I see its been 4 hours same thing. There is 1 account awaiting activation.