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Full Version: Confused From/Reply-To fields when mailing a user
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I've searched the repository but it seems like there is no issue filed for this.

When sending an e-mail to a user via their profile, the From and Reply-To e-mail fields are not filled correctly, causing servers respecting the SPF policy not to send the e-mail message (The From address has to belong to a domain [server] the e-mail is being sent from).
my_mail($to_user['email'], $mybb->get_input('subject'), $message, $from, "", "", false, "text", "", $mybb->input['fromemail']);
4th argument of my_mail() is the From field and the last one is the Reply-To field.

The board's main mailing address should be used instead of $from, which should be passed to the last argument.

It relates to a previously described problem:
Yes I agree. I believe the same thing applies to the contact page, right? We should include the user's e-mail at the top of the message instead.
I agree, it is confusing.
Another problem - for example gmail moves emails automatically into spam folder or shows that this email is not send from ...