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Full Version: Updating Ban Changes Admin to BAN UID
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 $update_array = array(
 'gid' => $mybb->get_input('usergroup', 1),
 'admin' => (int)$user['uid'],
 'dateline' => TIME_NOW,
 'bantime' => $db->escape_string($mybb->get_input('liftafter')),
 'lifted' => $db->escape_string($lifted),
 'reason' => $db->escape_string($banreason)

 $db->update_query('banned', $update_array, "uid='{$user['uid']}'");

'admin' => (int)$user['uid'],

should be just removed

or? This would change who banned him from the original however.
'admin' => (int)$mybb->user['uid'],
His has already been reported and fixed for 1.8.1.