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Full Version: Editor problem - conflict in jquery?
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something weird on one of my forum. Page is loaded but it shows loading in browser. In console there is a problem


Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'plugins' of undefined bbcodes_sceditor.js:21(anonymous function) bbcodes_sceditor.js:21j jquery.js?ver=1800:2k.fireWith jquery.js?ver=1800:2m.extend.ready jquery.js?ver=1800:2J

I cannot see editor bar in post new message etc (bar with code, etc under the post icon). 

How to fix that or what would be wrong? I disabled all plugins but it is same

I can provide a test account - please PM me
try changing the editor style at the theme properties. ( I may not be able to check the issue in next few hours )
I can send you username and password if you have a time to help me