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Full Version: Another language-file question
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I'm looking foor the language-file in wich I can find the translations of the 'Check for updates' -page.

[Image: qsli5k.jpg]

In MyBB 1.6 it used to be in the 'home_version_check.lang.php' -file but in 1.8 it looks like it is at another place......

Any ideas where exactly?

Thanks again!
(2014-10-24, 06:28 AM)BaggerHD Wrote: [ -> ]/admin/home_version_check.lang

No, it's not BaggerHD. In 1.8 this file doesn't exist anymore (look for the complete 1.8 download package and you will see). If it's still there in your case it's there because it was needed with the earlier version(s).

The mentioned phrases and words must be therefore in another lang-file, but wich one Confused  ?

Try this /admin/home_dashboard.lang
(2014-10-24, 08:05 AM)BaggerHD Wrote: [ -> ]Sorry.

Try this /admin/home_dashboard.lang

That's it!
Thanks a lot Smile