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Full Version: Mybb 1.8.1
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just a question:

Should our forum rather wait until there is a French language file for the update????

Thx for an answer!
That's up to you. But upgrading to 1.8.1 is recommended, espcieally if you want to use the Stop Forum Spam feature.
re Destroy666,

My question relates to:

Language Changes

There are changes to 13 language files. Changed languages files can be cross-referenced from the list above.

Since I have partly changed a lot and we have as mentioned a French board, I just want to go just make sure that the update does not make our forum messed up Wink

Thx for an answer!
No.. You will only lack some new French language strings in these 13 files - you can translate them manually with the new 1.8.1 ACP language editor which shows differences between languages.

ACP -> Configuration -> Languages -> Options next to French -> Edit with English -> if a 'warning' image is shown, the file needs to be modified, click Edit next to it -> find red textboxes on the right side and translate them
re Destroy666,
thank you very much!
I think we will run the update tonight Big Grin


ps.: Thanks for all the help I've gotten so far!