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Full Version: Installed in root directory but did not realise it uses index.php
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I have installed MyBB 1.8 in the root directory. It uses index.php and I want to keep a different, separate homepage instead.

I changed the name of the index.php file to forum.php instead. But now when you click the company logo in the top left it goes o index.php which is not there anymore (goes to error page).

Can I rename my forum.php back to index.php and move it to a folder called "forum"? Will this still work - or do i need to move more files too?

I tried renaming the location of my forum to /forum.php but this messed up the CSS of the forum.php page!

I am a bit stuck on this.

Please help.

Renaming index.php to forums.php requires several easy core and template edits, if you still want that just look for every instance of index.php and rename them too.

As for moving the forum to a subdirectory, you should change the Board URL in Admin CP -> Configuration -> Site Details afterwards.
If I just change the file name to forum.php then you say look for every instance of index.php and change it.

How do I change the top left logo link to go to

When I change the Board URL to in configuration > Site Details I think it is going to which is wrong!