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Full Version: What CMS is this site using?
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I want to build a new news, articles, and forum community. I am trying to find the best solution for MyBB that can incorporate all of this together. I like the way the home page on is. I was wondering what has been used for this? Is it bootstrap? Would anyone in this community maybe have some freetime to help me achieve this? Thank you
MyBB uses a custom coded website. They aren't really using a CMS for the main website IIRC.
So as someone obviously on a limited budget, how could i achieve this same look? Is it possible with bootstrap or another cms? Or is there an available plugin for mybb that will do the trick?
If you don't need a whole lot of tight MyBB integration, something like wordpress for the front end may work just fine. If you simply need a page manager, you can always try OUGC pages and set portal.php as your homepage (by renaming it to index.php). With some custom template edits, you might be able to create a neat homepage for your website. Smile