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Full Version: Vanilla 2.1 to Mybb
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Just says 'conncted' when i go to the file. Sad
Ok, that's getting odd now - can you send me your URL and ftp and SQL credentials? I'd take a look after uni then. Sounds like an issue with mybbs database class now.
Yeah no worries, what ftp and sql credentials do you need? Login access?
Yeah, ftp host, user and password (create a temp account or change the PW Wink) and the same SQL things you need to add on the db config.
No worries I'm at work at the moment, but I'll PM you on my lunch with the details Smile
Sorry to bump this old thread but I got the same error while merging Vanilla 2.1.6 to MyBB. Please update if you have had found the cause of the issue. Thanks in advance.

Update: Found that the installation was done using Softaculous. The table prefix was changed to GDN_ and the first letters of the table was capitalized. So renamed the DB tables to lower case and finished the merge process. the HTML in the posts were showing after the merge so used the HTML in posts plugin to change all that.
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