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Full Version: Cannot view forums
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In 1.6, if I was in the Admin group, I could see everything.  If I was also in the mod group, as well as admin, I could still see everything.

Now, in 1.8, if I am in Admin and Mod group, I can only see what moderators see, regardless of what my primary group is.  Im not sure if this is a bug or a setting problem.  Anyone know?
I used to have this problem as well, there's a problem in the code with the primary usergroups. I looked for the thread I found the replacement code in, but couldn't find it. I think the 1.8.1 update fixes this issue anyways. Try updating your forum.
First I recomend upgrading to 1.8.1. You can also use my Permission Viewer plugin to help you diagnose the problem. It uses the same function that the index page uses for forum permissions.