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Full Version: Home page link change
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You see in this MyBB forum the links at the top of the page:

MyBB Community Forums › 1.8 Support › General Support

MyBB Community Forums obviously goes to the homepage. I have altered my home page name but I do not know how to change that link for the home page.

Can you help, please?


Hi Matt,

go to your templates > Navigation > nav_bit_active

Replace code with:

<span class="active"><a href="">{$navbit['name']}</a></span>

p.s, always copy and paste a backup of the template into notepad, this is a good idea whenever editing templates.

please let me know how it goes!

Note that "active" class might be different with your theme, just something to be aware of.
no - it does not work!
(2014-10-28, 11:22 AM)mattbonline Wrote: [ -> ]no  - it does not work!

That is weird, I tested it on a test site and it did work, sorry to hear that Matt,

I hope someone has another solution for you. Good luck man. I hope someone helps you.
In global.php find:

// Add our main parts to the navigation
$navbits = array();
$navbits[0]['name'] = $mybb->settings['bbname_orig'];
$navbits[0]['url'] = $mybb->settings['bburl'].'/index.php';

and change it to something like this:

// Add our main parts to the navigation
$navbits = array();
$navbits[0]['name'] = "Your Home Page Name";
$navbits[0]['url'] = $mybb->settings['bburl'].'/YOUR HOME PAGE.PHP';
that has worked - thanks mmadhankumar