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Full Version: Forum Icons
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Hello everybody,
i can't find a plugin to change the Icons from my Forums and Underforums thats compatible with myBB 1.8.
you mean these: and

you can either create a sprite image with same name and file format and replace it with the default one.. or change the css from global.css

if you dont know how to create a sprite, you can use a online generator like

if you want to do the css way then first remove the background-image from .forum_status and .subforumicon and then add individual images....

.forum_status {
	background: url(images/forum_icon_sprite.png) no-repeat 0 0; //REMOVE THIS//

.forum_on {
	background-image: url(images/your image path.png); //ADD THIS//

Also have a look at this thread.....