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Full Version: Import users
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(Using Version 1.8)
Our forum is an internal one within our Company and as such I need to import about 200 users. We will be specifying their username and initial password (they will be able to change the password if they wish)

Ideally I would be looking to import from a CSV file using the following headings:

Email Address

Primary User Group

Would also be useful for me to reference an avatar from a known location.

Can anyone guide me into a simple SQL query which I could use so I can import the details via PhPAdmin

It looks like I am going to have to manually create users from within the ACP.... (A laborious task Sad )

Is there anything I can use that when I create the new accounts, it will fire off an email to the users telling them that an account has been created and inform them what their username and password is?

it should be possible to import users csv file into database manager.
is the forum accessible through web ? which type of server it uses ?
The forum is accessible through the web, although not open to non-company staff.
Running on a 1 and 1 hosting platform with PHPMyAdmin etc.
I'm fairly certain with PHPMYAdmin you can upload a CSV file to import data.
Looking around other boards, I came across this from phpBB and is pretty much what would suit..


  • Import users from a csv (Comma Separated Values) file through the Administration Control Panel of your phpBB board
  • You have the option to send a welcome email to all imported users
  • Users are added to the Registered Users Group
  • A list will be displayed upon completion showing which users were imported and which users were not imported.
(10-30-2014, 01:06 PM)Wozzer Wrote: [ -> ]Looking around other boards, I came across this from phpBB and is pretty much what would suit..

Exactly what I would need as well... any news?
Unfortunately not Sad 

I ended up doing it the long laborious way.