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Full Version: Retrieving Lost Password
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I've noticed an IP visiting the Lost Password section a lot and was wondering is there anyway to check and see what and when account passwords a requested?
Unfortunately it is not logged anywhere. There are convenient hooks that can be used though.

member_lostpw is when they visit the page and have to put in the username.
member_do_lostpw_start is when they have submitted the form, but no validation has happened yet.
member_do_lostpw_end is after the email containing the reset password link is sent.
member_resetpassword_start would be used after they got the email containing a reset password link.
member_resetpassword_process is after the password is updated.
Alright, I just wanted to make sure. I'll tamper with the coding to send me an email with the information everytime they submit it.
If you aren't comfortable making a plugin yourself, you can request it in the Plugin Requests forum.
It doesnt take much to just alter the member.php to have it send an email on submit. Almost all of my website is code that I've either created or altered.