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Full Version: [Tutorial] Add a music player to your forum
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Oke i found something on the internet called SCM Music Player, here you can make a complete list from music from soundcloud, youtube.

To add this you need to do a few things.

Add the player at the front or footer of your forum.

in header --> go to templates - your template - header - edit header and add the code of the player on line 1.
step 2, go to templates - your template - footer - edit footer and add on the last line <br>

and if you want to add in footer please follow the steps from the player on that website and just at at the footer area where you like it.

now you have succesfull installed your own webplayer for your website Smile
thanks for this Tutorial !
Its ok. Whenever i click my username, a javascript should pull down for user cp, edit profile, edit signature, etc., but instead, it redirects to User cp


I removed it and it broke all my javascript -_- wtf
put the musicplayer in you header and dont touch the headerinclude.... that's why it got broken.