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Full Version: VIP Account (Pay for getting it)
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Do any of you have experience with VIP profile, that people need to pay to get?

What do they get extra? Is it a plugin you're using?

I would like to get some info about how i can do it myself. I can't live of donations, so do any of you have a idea?
A VIP account is basically just a new usergroup with some extra features in the forum that you can decide to give it (more signature size, new rank bar and username color, private forums with access to exclusive content, etc). Some people use a plugin while others choose to upgrade the accounts manually.
Wich plugins are worth to look at? I'm thinking to give more than just that. Is there a way to make some plugins visible for VIP only? Like shoutoutbox, wiki and so on :-)
Yes you can do it easily.
While making a VIP group, give this group more permissions than other, then in plugins like shoutbox, go to their admin setting, and allow only in allowed usergroup, add VIP group's GID.
Same things you can do for other plugins as well.
Remember there is no plugin which can create any VIP group for you with your desired results, you have to do it manually.
Thank you, my man. :-)