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Full Version: Adding sidebar to every custom page and sub custom page
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Ive tried different method using ougc pages, pagemanager, advanced sidebox
But i got no luck... (asb + pagemanager did give me a sidebox.. but it only works on one custom pages only.. if i add more it didnt show up even if i simply copy paste the custom page template)

So here is what i exactly trying to achieve.. im making a custom page which will have several sub custom page.. and i want to add a vertical menu bar so user can easily going through each and every custom and sub custom page easily.. but i want that menu showing up on my custom and sub custom page only.. not on every other mybb forum page...

And the only "working" method i can perform is.. to simply add my custom menu code every single time i made a new custom or sub custom page! and if i want to add another menu or edit a menu.. i gotta go through on every single page ive made and edit them one by one -_-

So is there actually anyway to achieve this ? adding sidebar to every single custom page and sub custom page without the need to add the same code in each and every page ?

Thanks in advance

Finally after some trial and error... Solve the problem my self... Smile