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Full Version: getting a div to go all the way across the page
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I am trying to get a div that is outside of the container and everything else at the top of my header to stretch all the way across the board, but for some reason it just doesn't want to touch the edge of the page, I keep getting a gap.
did you try editing the width, and margin attributes?
If you use Google Chrome as your browser, you can right click an area and hit Inspect Element. It then shows you exactly how it is getting its styling information.
I have tried setting margins to zero and the width to 100%, but for some reason there is still a gap all around it
bumping this up
Bumping. I still haven't found a way to do this :c
This is simple, you need to inspect as dragon said, and what are you setting to 100% - the container, the body, the wrapper?
I don't see how inspecting it is going to help? Its something I added in the css. Its just an extra container like div but its not inside of the container, its in the header above everything else set to 100% width, but its not touching the sides of the page.
Can you provide a link? I don't think you'll get much help without us being able to look at the code itself.

As for inspecting it, using the inspect tool lets you see the CSS attributes, so you can see what the width, padding, margins, etc. are to figure out what is causing the gap.
Here is the link, its the div that the banner image is in as well as the bottommenu
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