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Full Version: Board Rules
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Is there anywhere that I can create a set of Board Rules/Guidelines and have a link displayed to them in the Nav Bar.
There seems to be something for adding rules for individual forums buit not the complete board.

Is there a Global Board Rules area?
We create our user accounts for them and would be nice if I can give them a link showing the rules and guidelines.

thats what the "Global Announcements" do.. (ACP >> Forums & Posts >> Forum Announcements >> Add Announcement)

you can specify a set of rules which will be displayed in all/specified forums set in ACP.... and then you can link that announcement as a header link or anywhere you want....

you can also add a new help document (ACP >> Configuration >> Help Documents >> Add New Document) for the same purpose....
You could also do this in the registration page by editing the member_register template and adding it there.