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Full Version: Permission edit custom - javascript error
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I did a clean install of 1.8.1. All works great, except one little thing : permission editing (custom).

I get a popup screen without any styling at all, URL is


My firefox javascript console says:

ReferenceError: Class is not defined tabs.js:86
ReferenceError: $ is not defined index.php:7

If I open the URL above manually and change the ajax=1 to ajax=0, I get no pop-up, and all seems to work fine.

I know too little abuot javascript to figure out the source of the problem.

Changed the code in management.php on line 1826, to have ajax=0 and VOILA - not only do I get a beautiful little popup, but drag/drop WORKS, Tab display works.. it's suddenly NICE. Toungue

The line 1826 is now:
$form_container->output_cell("<a href=\"index.php?module=forum-management&amp;action=permissions&amp;pid={$perms['pid']}\" onclick=\"MyBB.popupWindow('index.php?module=forum-management&action=permissions&pid={$perms['pid']}&ajax=0', null, true); return false;\">{$lang->edit_permissions}</a>", array("class" => "align_center"));

Perhaps someone should look over the popupWindow function ?