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Full Version: Questions about editing templates
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I want to add Plugrush mobile redirect code to mybb. In VB it is done via the header template but I cant get same result in mybb.
1. Which template am I supposed to add the code to? (basically advertisement code)
2. Why do templates revert back to default even after allowing me to add a code to them and displaying message that edit was successful? I go back and they are back to original!!
yeah, I have the same issue, None of my editing on the CMS is saving.
1. Wherever you want it. You can add it to header in MyBB too.
2. Looks like a caching issue. Contact your hosting.

(2014-11-16, 11:04 PM)esodevas Wrote: [ -> ]yeah, I have the same issue,  None of my editing on the CMS is saving.

What do you mean by "CMS"?