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Full Version: No spaces between paragraphs 1.8.01
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The upgrade to 1.8.1 went smoothly, but I've noticed that when I put a blank line between paragraphs, it now goes away when I save. 

So no space between paragraphs. I have to go back in and put the spaces back every time. 

Edit Hmm. The spaces between paragraphs worked fine in this post. But on my board, it doesn't. All the spaces I leave between paragraphs disappear. And I see ti in everyone else's posts, too, so it's not just me. But it doesn't happen on this board. 

Where might I look or what might I try to fix that? 

Thanks much for MyBB and for your help. 
I posted a thread about this issue yesterday

It's a bug.
Thanks, Mikeh.

I searched, but didn't find. Hard to even know what to call it. I'll follow your post. Also, the quote bubble is gone. Forgot to mention that.

And pasted text is still tiny. So freaking annoying.