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Full Version: Managegroups don't show any content
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Greetings, fisrt of all sorry for my english, is not my native langauge.

My forum:
Url with the problem: ---> Join requests to a group and --->

I like to manage join request from managegroup.php and now I can't!!!

I 've got this error for a week since the upgrade (1.6.12 to 1.8.1 ) and I didn't find any topic like my error so I post this here. You are my last chance to solve ( I don't like spam my noob forum manager error everywhere so...)

If any lovely soul could help me it would be great!

I am using Google Chrome and no error is displayed by Chrome.
Have you used the Find Updated Templates feature? You may have templates that are out of date which could cause this to happen.
I have modified default theme so I don't think that the theme would be the problem. I have set for a while Default theme and the problem perssits.

No more ideas?
Solved! There was a problem with the language pack.