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Full Version: re-captcha button does not work anyway
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re-captcha button and does not work anyway , after the second try If I enter the correct text it says :
"The image verification code that you entered was incorrect. Please enter the code exactly how it appears in the image."

here my registration URL :

my MYBB version is 1.8 and my host php is "5.4.32" and  "mysql" is "5.5.37"

any help ?
1. You're not even using reCAPTCHA.
2. I managed to register successfully.

Unless you meant something else. My 2nd guess is that you're telling us that the refresh (not recaptcha...) button messes up the JS verification. If so, it's a bug: I have it fixed locally and will most likely submit the fix to MyBB 1.8.2 in the next 4 days.

Also, it's recommended that you update to 1.8.1, many bugs were fixed in that version.
Thank you Destroy666.
it was fixed . sorry about my english Big Grin