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Full Version: Cant open front end of site, however I can use back end
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Hello Guys,
I am again here with another issue. Blush

Issue : Site was working fine a day before yesterday, from yesterday onward I can not open my site's front end. When I enter web address, click enter, I see a complete white page with nothing written in it. Nothing written, no message etc, totally blank

Step taken yet to Solve the issue : (Issue still not solved)
1. Although I can open all other sites except mine, I switched Internet, but still white window.
2. I checked index.php and portal.php files and those are in place.
3. I carried out file verification, this is the result I got.

Quote:inc/functions.php -------------- Changed
inc/cachehandlers/xcache.php -------------- Changed
inc/cachehandlers/memcache.php -------------- Changed
inc/cachehandlers/disk.php ---------------- Changed
inc/cachehandlers/eaccelerator.php Changed
I understand the reason of function.php changing, but cant understand the reason of rest of the file's changing.

4. When I clear the cookies, I can open my site page only once. If I try to login or do some thing else in site, I again get this issue of white screen.

5. Things quite messed up even in ACP as well. Some of plugins are not working fine too.

I am so fed up of this, that I wanted to go for a backup restore. But before I do, can anyone help me to get out of this issue ?
(2014-11-07, 02:53 PM)DotaInternational Wrote: [ -> ]but cant understand the reason of rest of the file's changing.

Reupload them then.

Anyways, blank screen = nearly always look for an error in the logs. Please provide the latest errors.

You may also want to try disabling all plugins n ACP -> Configuration -> General Configuration -> Disable All Plugins -> set to Yes and Save.
Following your instructions I found the issue. It was Thanks system (2.4.4) Created by Dark Neo. I automatically deleted most of the files from inc >> cachehandler
I dont know if it is security vulnerability or what but surely this plugin is pain in A** and needs improvement. :/