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Full Version: How to delete member and all his content quickly?
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I have been using Goodbye Spammer plugin, but after theme change it somehow stopped working, so i upgraded in hope it will be fixed. no. "This plugin is incompatible with MyBB 1.8.1"

Please how can i quickly delete member and all his contents a preferably report to stopforumspam?
before you ditch the plugin, try changing the compatibility line from *16 to *18
this makes some plugins compatible with the 8 series and actually changing the compatibility line works for a lot of plugins
I believe you will find the line in the plugin's php folder.
Well, that's why you should read release news: Wrote:
  • Goodbye Spammer #775

So you don't need a plugin anymore..

ACP -> Configuration -> Purge Spammer
(2014-11-07, 11:18 PM)Destroy666 Wrote: [ -> ]ACP -> Configuration -> Purge Spammer

please where in mybb frontend (logged in as admin) i can do that user delete, im asking because i did not found it. and yes, i have Purge Spammer set..
I guess i might have incompatible theme
1. In the profile under Moderator Options.
2. In every post next to the other buttons (Report etc.).

1. and 2. must match the requirements (user's post count low enough, they shouldn't be in an admin/mod/banned group, etc.).

If you're using a 1.6 theme in 1.8, it's not recommended and you should either update many templates or download a 1.8 compatible theme from here: