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Full Version: hyperlinks not working
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after upgrade to 1.81 custom hyperlinks dont work.
Pls see here

these top links..

Facebook |Website |Galleries | Weather |Hayabusa Resource | |
can you post code of one such link from the header template
just using conventional links. Worked in old version but something is changing them when code is executed in this version..

<a href="Website'>">Website |</a><a target="_blank" href="Galleries'>">Galleries | </a><a target="_blank" href="Weather'>">Weather |</a><a target="_blank" href="Hayabusa'>">Hayabusa Resource |</a><a target="_blank" href="'>"> |</a><a target="_blank" href="'>"></a>
there is a mistake in all those links. eg. <a href="Website'>">Website |</a>
should be like below
<a href="url">text</a>
<a href="">Website</a> |
so sorry!!!!!
I cut and pasted from other template and didn't bother double checking.
Apologies again and thanks for the quick reply.