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Full Version: Change 'Online' to an image
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So here on my forum here

If you see next to admin it says online right next to it like this picture

I want to get rid of that online but replace it with an image like the old msn guy green when online, red when offline and orange when away/busy

How can I go about doing this for my theme

Its called

ACP >> Templates >> Your theme's Templates >> Post Bit Templates >> postbit_online, postbit_offline, postbit_away

enter the image link in those three templates....

<img src="ENTER IMAGE LINK HERE" border="0" alt="{$lang->postbit_status_away}" />
I have done this but it has not changed and still looks like this

That online in yellow is not an image it seems to be text located somewhere so I need to remove that somehow and replace with a new system that displays the 3 online, offline, away icons (green, red, yellow/orange)

Anyone else able to help me out with this thanks
i dont see the text anymore... however the image is broken, make sure you have the right path for the images....