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Full Version: moving my site to subdomain
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i want moving my site to subdomain. --->


moved my root file to forum folder


edited setting.php


but .......

i shoot out my admin panel and i cant enter to my admin panel.  Sad


sorry my english isnt really good.
please explain with screen shot if you can.  
can you clear your browser cookies - there should be an option for it somewhere in your browser settings.
if you haven't seen, please see this guidance => Login/Logout problems

recheck forum url & cookie settings in settings.php file - they might be modified by your forum database.

after changing the settings in settings.php file, you should be able to log into admin panel.
immediately after entering to admin panel, you should again set correct forum url & cookie settings in admin panel.
i cant solve my problem. please help! Sad
if direct help required and if you can wait for some time, PM me temporary access to files (ftp) & forum admin panel