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Full Version: Does the header template need head and body tags for JS scripts?
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Hi gang,

The Header template does not contain head or body tags for building standard html pages,
I have a JSsript running at the bottom of the page for a menu, erverything is working fine, but I'm still wondering,

should I add head tags for the js script and body tags for content of the page?

Thanks for any reply, I really asppreciate the knowledge.
No, it would damage the HTML.

headerinclude (under Ungrouped Templates) contains the code included in <head> tag on all pages. And the <head> tags are located in all specific pages, for example in index and member_profile templates.
Hi Destroyer,
thank you so much for taking the time to answer this question, your extended knowledge of coding of MYbb and the time is always appreciated. I really appreciate the fast response.
The template sytem is the gem of Mybb, it allows even a novice developer like me to modify/change every aspect of the global layout, very impressive stuff.