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Full Version: Urgent HELP!
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I just transferred my forum from icyboards to full mybb.

My problems are:

1. NO PLUGINS are showing up in my Admin CP. Not even the hello world thing. The Plugin list is just empty.
I've been adding plugins to forum/inc/plugins so all the right folders. I

2. Prostats some how installed when I didn't even activate it. If I cant see the plug ins , how are they activating?

3. The avatars of everyone is gone. Not showing .

4. I need major help here. I'm willing to give someone access if they can do quick fix for me and add a couple plug ins.
1. Are the plugins compatible with MyBB 1.8?
2. It was installed on IcyBoards, so it remained installed in your database even though the plugin file isn't there.
3. When you leave IcyBoards, you get the database. Avatars are not stored in the database.
All the plugins have been 1.8 but now its like, theres no plug in list at all.

Heres a screen shot :

[Image: 2jfhfsz.jpg]
You probably have a PHP issue in one of the plugin files. You can add the following into admin/index.php to display all errors, which should help reveal what the issue is.

ini_set('display_errors', 1);