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Full Version: Directory for primary domain?
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Hello everyone,

I want to use a directory for my primary domain because I have two forums on the same hosting account and I don't want public/html to have one folder of another forum then the rest of public/html to be scattered with MyBB files. Is this possible?

Thank you.
Ofcourse this is possible, just put the MyBB files in a subdirectory of the root directory.
Just don't forget to setup the paths in AdminCP » Configuration » Board Settings » Site Details: Board URL & Cookie Path.
simple method is to use two folders for the two forums (public_html/folderone , public_html/foldertwo)
I try that and I have to go through to get to the MyBB forum. I don't know how to fix this.
^ not sure which method you tried but there should be a redirecting facility (sub-domains) at your web host control panel
That doesn't fix the issue. I am trying to create a MyBB directory for my primary domain